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So many job boards today are focused on sending you volume. FlashRecruit facilitates meaningful connections with qualified candidates who are actually in the market. 


Interactive Jobs Marketplace

A job board like no other. We match the right Candidate with the right Job, and simply connect the recruiter.

A connection to Candidates Across Your Jobs

Modernize your recruitment strategy by allowing candidates to connect directly with the specific recruiter that is attached to that open requisition

Why Conversations Matter?

  • FlashRecruit candidates are converting into placements at 3X versus normal applications. 
  • 9 out of 10 candidates that view your job are not applying and leave before you can interact with them
  • 73% of candidates will not formally apply to a job due to unanswered questions. 
  • Don't lose those candidates just because they couldn't connect with you! Start the conversation immediately and reduce drop-off pre- and post-application by capturing the attention of a candidate when they are looking at your jobs.
  • Live Messaging/Chat is the preferred method of communication in today’s world; yet is widely unavailable when it comes to recruitment. 

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Drive the Right Exposure to your Jobs

  • FlashRecruit provides higher quality candidates. 
  • We drive traffic to all of your open opportunities
  • Sponsor your job to have access to our 50 million unique candidate pool


Clients and Candidates

Our interactive jobs marketplace and messaging technology enables a more engaging and effective experience for both candidates and recruiters

Prior to using FlashRecruit, our connection rate to qualified candidates was less than 20%. With FlashRecruit, we are able to connect with more than double. My recruiters are having more conversations and submitting candidates faster than ever before.   

  • Lisa M., VP of Recruitment

The quality of candidates on Flash seems to be higher. I'm assuming its because the best candidates are passive and they just don't want to apply. 

  • Jason E., Recruiter

Finally a place where I can actually talk to a recruiter to have my questions answered. I can not imagine being forced back into blindly sending my resume into a blackhole….

  • Matt K., FlashRecruit Candidate